Waypoint Tallinn

With our young and passionate tour guides to show you around, consider a comprehensive collection of tours for your bucket list.

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Anneli Lehtsalu

Project Manager
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Best Service Humanly Possible

Should go without saying – a smile to go with our crazy-happy can-do attitude, we shall move mountains. Everything fine-tuned and elegant. we do like to worry in a tasteful fashion.

Like a local

Our company of local talents is always devoted to your pursuit of travel happiness. We will make you feel you belong and never stop trying.


When you need something special, just let us know. In a humble opinion, a little human touch can make all the difference.

Small groups

For a more personal experience and attention, we have a fixed number of participants per tour. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Sustainable solutions

Advertising considerate behavior, our services are designed to better protect natural and cultural heritage sites for everyone to enjoy. Yes, we actually do care.

Fair trade

From budget travels to conference trips, you can always expect our prices to be as reasonable as possible to keep the lights on.

Alternative Everything

Nothing is as-is with us. While jam-packed with things to see and do, in the motion of development we will always try to add more flavor and expand on places unique, hidden or easily overlooked.