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Do you fancy exclusive experience according to your own wishes? Share your thoughts with us and let’s make it happen!
Get inspired by some examples to prepare for your next awesome experience.

Estonia is rich with bogs, one of the oldest landscape forms in the country, and not to be confused with a swamp. They are mystical and peaceful places to restore yourself mentally and physically. Go for a sunrise swim in one of the magnificent bog lakes, or take part in a sunset yoga class, surrounded by peat moss and cranberry blossoms to truly reinvent yourself.

Estonia has more than 2000 islands, all with their
own special nature and history (and some even
with their own language). Pick one and come
explore with us! Whether we travel with SUP
boards or a historic wooden sailboat, we’ll
help you find your fantasy island.

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Foraging gourmet – Do something that every Estonian loves: hand-pick local, seasonal
delicacies from the forest, prepare them with
the help of a master guide/chef and enjoy your
creation there in the same natural environment.

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Stargazing at one of the most secluded areas
in Estonia – While for much of the summer the sun
never sets in Estonia, for the rest of the
year our night sky is something to be amazed by.
Escape from the glow of the city to admire
the magical night sky, depending on the
time of year you may even chance upon
a meteor show or the Northern Lights!

Nature walk with a local photographer. Estonia has 4 seasons, each creating its
own unique picture-perfect atmosphere. While a photograph can never rival the
vividness of a memory, our local photographer will help you maintain your memories, and share them when you get home.

Discover the Tallinn’s different neighborhoods – the hipster urban renewal of North-Tallinn, the upscale homes and historic mansions in Nõmme, the „Russian district“ of Lasnamäe or seaside Pirita.

Soft survival classes in the wilderness. In Estonia, we believe in independence, and that means that you need to know how to survive on your own! Learn how to navigate in the forest, make a fire, find food and clean water and even how to safely spend a night in the wild

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