Cycling Tour of Lasnamäe Ventures into the intriguing district of Lasnamäe. An exhilarating cycling tour takes you beyond the surface of its Soviet apartment buildings and reveals a captivating history of organized crime in Estonia. Discover how this area transformed from a notorious hub of drug deals and murders in the chaotic 1990s into a safe and thriving residential area. Let our expert local guide, who grew up and still resides here, bring the stories to life, painting a vivid picture of Lasnamäe’s criminal past.

Lasnamäe is a district filled with hidden gems, waiting to be explored. As you pedal through its diverse sub-communities and meander through its parks, you will uncover corners and stories that would remain undiscovered without the guidance of our knowledgeable local guide. Immerse yourself in the captivating narratives that weave together the past and present of Lasnamäe, providing a deeper understanding of its complex history and cultural significance.

Learn about the City

The tour will take you through the city streets, both above and below ground. You´ll witness the transformation of Lasnamäe firsthand. Explore hidden hiking trails that lead you off the beaten path, revealing the natural beauty that coexists with the urban landscape. Experience the emergence of a new beauty that has risen from the shadows of the past, transforming Lasnamäe into a vibrant and dynamic district.

Lasnamäe holds much more than its Soviet reputation. By joining our cycling tour, you will have the opportunity to see beyond the surface and discover the multifaceted layers that make this district truly unique. Our local guide’s personal connection to Lasnamäe adds an extra dimension to the tour. They share their firsthand experiences and intimate knowledge of the area.

Come and witness the exciting evolution of Lasnamäe for yourself. Pedal through its streets, soak in the atmosphere of its parks, and explore hidden corners that reveal the district’s true essence. Let the stories of its criminal history ignite your imagination and deepen your understanding of Estonia’s past. Our cycling tour of Lasnamäe offers an immersive and unforgettable experience that allows you to see beyond the stereotypes and uncover the true character of this remarkable district.


Cycling Tour of Lasnamäe includes

  • Knowledgeable and entertaining group leader
  • A comfortable city bike, a helmet and reflective braces to be used during the tour
  • An audio device to be used during the tour. Audio device allows to hear the guide better and keep distance from other participants at the same time
  • Refreshment break – water, tea, coffee and pastries are offered roughly halfway on the trip
  • Inside tips to popular hotspots among locals.

Important information about Cycling Tour of Lasnamäe

  • Cycling trip takes place in all weather conditions, dress accordingly, layered clothing advisable.
  • We kindly recommend arriving to the meeting point 10-15 minutes prior to the departure.
  • Interested in booking? Send us a private tour request.


  minimum fee 579 € includes up to 4 guests, every extra guest is 30 €         3,5h    Starting point:       27 km

     (private tours in English, Estonian and Russian)

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