minimum fee 579 € includes up to 4 guests, every extra guest is 30 €           4h    Starting point:       5 km


    (Privaatretk eesti ja inglise keeles)


We’ve all thought, what would happen if you get lost in the woods alone…  There’s actually no reason to worry, you just need to know what to do! Come for an exciting hike in the deep (but not too deep) forest, where an experienced survivalist will share tips on how to stay safe and warm in the woods…  and how to make it back home afterwards!

What will you learn?

    • Orienteering with a map and compass
    • Orienteering without a map and compass
    • How to behave if you discover you are lost
    • How to safely cross a river
    • How to make a fire
    • How to find clean drinking water
    • How to make a shelter and stay dry
    • How to find food

Adventure tour includes

  • Knowledgeable and entertaining group leader
  • Survival course program
  • Snack – soup and pastry, tea
  • An audio device to be used during the tour. Audio device allows to hear the guide better and keep distance from other participants at the same time

Important information

  • The tour takes place in all weather conditions, dress accordingly, layered clothing advisable.
  • We kindly recommend arriving to the meeting point 10-15 minutes prior to the departure in order for us to help you set your bike and to receive the helmet and audio device.
  • Interested in booking? Send us a private tour request.

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